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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

Slowly we’re working towards the time of the year I’m always glad is kept till last: Christmas, with New Year following closely. As it seems, there’s huge amounts of people that hate it with a passion. For some reason I never cross paths with them. Every one else I know, speaks warmly about it: how great to meet up with family and friends, eat good food and give and receive presents! I am the only person I know that doesn’t like Christmas...

How that commenced, I do have a notion of it.
As a little girl, I had a favourite spot. It was the living room couch, where I loved to sit and read. Sometimes I hid my face in the cushions to pretend I was elsewhere if something had upset me. And that is exactly what explains my dislike for those days you’re meant to spend in harmony with your nearest and dearest. For me, it lacked the harmony that I absolutely adore. Please give me my peace and quiet to sleep, read, walk, watch movies or do whatever I feel like. Please don't force or pressure or force me to do things I don't want to do. 
With Christmas being Christmas, it seems there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Somewhere in the not-so-far past, I came up with the perfect solution for my 'problem'. At least, that’s what it looked like at the time. With a two weeks holiday at the end of the year, this was the perfect opportunity to go on a trip.
On the first occasion, I found a perfect destination: Egypt. A Muslim country, so only a minority celebrated. That suited me just fine. I have nothing against people celebrating, it’s just that I don’t want it to take over my life! Those two weeks were absolutely fantastic! Egypt is one of my favourite countries in the world and I even had a lovely Christmas diner with my friends.

We’re now about ten years down the line and I’m looking at the matter from a different perspective. I’m done with running and hiding. Spending thoughts on how much I dislike Christmas is simply taking up too  much energy that I don’t have to begin with. So I’ve decided to turn my thinking around. Nothing should have the power to annoy me anymore. I’m not even going to mention those things here!
Instead, I’m focusing on what is good about this time of the year. Having two weeks off work. Spending time on the projects I love and with the people I adore. The little things that come with the season: coming home to a warm house in the darkness and lighting up the room with candles. Watching lots of movies and reading books. Taking long, brisk walks when the air is cold enough to make your face tingle. Running a hot, fragrant bath.

And yes, meeting up with family and friends. After all, they are my nearest and dearest. In the course of the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing is obligatory and everything is possible if you open your mind to it. Those people are the ones I want to have close to me and spend my time with.

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