The title of a rather cheesy song by a Swedish girl called Emilia that was a big hit somewhere in the late nineties. More than ten years down the line it still pops up in my head every now and again. In spite of being a big girl these days, it still is a big, big world too. Which I find hugely fascinating yet intimidating at occassions...

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Day After.

It's all over now. I feel like having a bad hangover without the alcohol. We're a nation of desillusioned football fans. Any fellow football fan with a heart will understand. Ofcourse we'll be back in a couple of years. Whatever people say about us right now, we're resilient folks. We'll rear our orange heads again, without a shadow of a doubt. Whether they like it or not!
But not right now... Still too busy licking our wounds, so cut us some slack.
Fair or unfair, deserved or undeserved... We're crushed! And what does one do at such an occassion? Time out! Out with the orange! Have a break. And see you in two years or so...

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